Daily Activities

  • Welcome/Exploration Time
    • Explore different activities which change daily to promote anticipation, excitement and interest.
  • Circle Time
    • Discuss the calendar, weather, current events in the classroom; introduce new themes, numbers & letters of the week/month etc.
  • Learning Activities
  • Bathroom Break
    • Encourage good listening skills and following directions as well as self-help skills.
  • Healthy Snack Time
  • Art Projects and Free Play
    • Occurs simultaneously with rotating groups. Free play encourages children to express their creativity, interact socially, and act on curiosity
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Story Time and Closing
    • Read book of the day; sing goodbye song
About Us

Lake Country Kindergarten Preschool’s goal for our children is to generate excitement for learning and to foster feelings of safety and comfort in the school environment. This is accomplished by providing a warm, caring and interesting classroom.

Contact Information
Lake Country Kindergarten 262-966-2033
Hours and Mailing Address

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Our Mailing Address
Lake Country Kindergarten Preschool
P.O. Box 191
North Lake, Wisconsin 53064